Classroom Policies

  • Reading

    It is required that every child read 20 minutes a day. A daily reading incentive chart can be found in your child’s homework folder. Children will be responsible to place a sticker on the chart for everyday they read.  

    Spelling/Phonics/Sight Words

    A spelling pretest will be given every Friday to determine which list your child will be given for the following week.  If 2 or fewer words are misspelled on the pretest your child will practice List 2 words. Otherwise, your child will be given List 1 words.  If your child is absent on the day of the pretest, they will practice List 1 for the week. Both lists will be available on our 2nd grade classroom webpage each week. The assigned list will be glued in your child’s homework journal with suggestions of how to practice the words.  These various ways are offered to help match your child’s individual learning style.  Each child is expected to complete three activities of his/her choice in their spelling/homework journal each week. 

    In class, we will be discovering the ‘patterns’ of words, as well as using the spelling words in our daily writing. In addition, phonics skills and sight word activities will be applied while teaching the spelling ‘patterns’. The children will be tested every Friday or at the end of the week based on days off from school.


    Throughout this year, the big focus is on computation and number sense.  We will use a lot of hands-on exploration to help your children visualize math concepts. Children should have mastered 0-20 fact families by October. We will be working with manipulatives and various strategies in class to accomplish this goal, and would greatly benefit from the extra work at home to commit these facts to memory.  Being fluent with the facts will help them as we move on to adding two and three-digit numbers. 

    In order for children to develop critical math thinking, we will be working on problem solving skills which requires the children to write/draw and explain how they problem solved.


    Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  Homework will correspond to daily skills taught at school and should be completed on that designated day for reinforcement and/or preparation and turned in the following day. Homework can be found in your child’s homework folder.  Your child’s homework folder/journal must be brought back to school daily. Also, the folder will be used to send home any completed class work and 2nd grade communication (letters, notices, reminders, permission slips).

    Homework/journals will be reviewed by your child’s teacher and samples of your child’s weekly homework and class work will be sent home in their homework folder.  Samples of your child’s school work/tests will be filed in a portfolio.  Portfolios will be given to parents at parent-teacher conferences throughout the school year.

     *Please note that throughout 2nd grade your child will be engaged in various projects that may require work at home during the weekend.  Also, please review your child’s class work and homework with them.  Having your child correct their “mistakes” on past work is a valuable part of the learning process. All corrected work should be taken out of folders daily.


    Your child is encouraged to bring a simple, healthy snack to enjoy at our morning break – a fruit or vegetable is preferred. Please click here to see the list for peanut free suggestions. Your child may bring a water bottle to school (please make sure that is labeled with their name).

    Snack Reader

    …What a great way to have children share their favorite books with one another!

    Every child will have the responsibility and joy of being our “SNACK READER” on a rotating basis. The snack reader will have the privilege of reading to the class his/her favorite picture book from our classroom library during snack time. Our “SNACK READER” format will be discussed with your child.


    I will work hard this year to keep your child motivated and excited to learn, as well as allowing them to be proud of their many accomplishments.  Positive reinforcement will be very present in the second grade classroom.  I really believe in the unique abilities and talents of each of our students, and will communicate this often to them.  In addition to positive verbal comments, children will have an opportunity to put their name into We are Bucket Fillers container. At the end of the week, they will have a chance to win a trip to the Prize Jar!

    Code of Expected Behavior- 

    In order to help the children learn responsibility for their actions, the class will “brainstorm” classroom rules, consequences, and positive reinforcement.  

    The following is a quick preview of the visual way the children will be able to self-monitor their own behavior:  Every morning, each child will place his/her popsicle stick on “I’m a bucket filler!” sign.  If necessary, after breaking a school or classroom rule, the child will move his/her stick to, “I’m trying to fill a bucket”. If the child’s behavior continues, he/she will place his/her stick on, “I dipped into a bucket”.  This is intended for the child to think about his/her behavior and provide him/her the opportunity to turn his/her behavior around. If the behavior continues to disrupt the learning environment, the child will then place his/her popsicle stick to, “My bucket is empty!” The parent will be then notified of the behavior. 


    The week of your child’s birthday, you are invited to come in and reminisce with the class about the day your child was brought into the world.  Kids are fascinated with questions like “Who was the first to hold her/him?”…etc.  Bring photos or an object your child has not seen in awhile from his/her birth.  The class will give a birthday blessing and testimony of how your child has touched our lives.

    You may bring a simple wrapped treat, which will be passed out as children leave for the day.

    Please contact me a week in advance to schedule birthday celebrations.