What's Happening in Computers

  • All students are participating in the Archdiocese's Digital Citizenship training program. Each grade level will complete 3 lessons.

    All students are participating in the Virtus Protecting God's Children - Teaching Safety-Empowering God's Children program. The will receive 2 grade level appropriate lessons per year.

    Kindergarten students will begin to learn how to sign into the computers by themselves when they return from Christmas break. 

    1st grade will be introduced to the phonics game Teach Your Monster to Read. They will be creating their monsters and move them through the game as they practice their letters and sounds. They will also use one of the computer classes to work on i-Ready.

    2nd grade students will learn to use Microsoft word this year and understand capitalization and spacing within a document. They will be writing a letter to Santa and will receive a response before break. They will also use one of the computer classes to work on i-Ready.

    3rd grade will begin computer coding in the second half of the school year. The will also enter data on a spreadsheet, create a bar graph, begin forming bulleted lists. They will also use one of the computer classes to work on i-Ready.

    4th grade has been introduced to their chromebooks and the Google apps they will be using on them. They are mastering Google Docs and will be moving onto Goolgle Slides in a few weeks. 

    5th grade students will use the computer lab more in conjunction with classroom assignments. 

    6th grade will be using the computer lab two times a week and some days will be called "Science Days" as we do work in conjunction with Mrs. Crosswhite. 

    7th grade will be using the computer lab to make an iMovie, create QR codes, research science fair, and various other things.

    8th grade will spend quite a bit of time using the computer lab for History Fair research and note-taking. 


  •  4th Grade Saint Projects