In Kindergarten, students learn about overall faith and what it means to be Catholic.  The curriculum focuses on teaching the children about God through age appropriate Bible stories. Students will learn different prayers, how to participate in Mass, and how to build a relationship with God through prayer.

    Students learn a wide range of skills that help develop both their reading and oral language.  The program begins with a strong phonics curriculum. Students then develop reading skills and strategies. The Super Kids curriculum teaches students about sentences, punctuation, vocabulary, handwriting, and provides guided reading in small groups.  

    Kindergarteners are taught important basic math skills throughout the year. Teachers use manipulatives and technology to communicate these core concepts. Children are taught one to one correspondence, number recognition, patterns, counting by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s, addition, subtraction, simple fractions (parts and whole), geometric shapes, measurement, grouping, graphing and days of the week.

    Students participate in science experiments throughout the school year which teach them about prediction, graphing, earth science, human anatomy, astronomy, and more. Science is always taught through hands on activities that encourage higher level thinking.

    Students learn about our community, world, families, and the workplace and discuss our community and what makes it successful.

    Please refer to the Specials/Fine Arts page to learn more about our kindergarten curriculum in the areas of Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology.