Welcome to 1st Grade!

  • Teaching Philosophy

    My primary responsibility to parents and their children is to maintain a safe and secure learning environment.  This means a non-threatening and mutually respectful learning and physically safe environment.  Students are encouraged to ask questions - we value and respect differing opinions! 

    I am a constructivist, which means I incorporate a variety of ways to help students construct their learning. When students ask questions, much of the time, I will point them to where they can find the answer themselves or set up a way for them to discover the answer themselves(inquiry). Some things need to be modeled by the teacher and practiced by the students. But as they learn they are encouraged to demonstrate this learning in a variety of ways that they determine (multiple intelligence). Students will work cooperatively in groups, partners and independently, depending on the subject and lesson. (cooperative learning and differentiation). I will encourage and cultivate an environment for students to grow or maintain a growth mindset so they persevere.  Students can and will make mistakes -  and learn from them.  It is about the effort being put forth and students have many opportunities to try, try again. Click here to learn more about constructivism.

    Classroom Management

    Consistency is important in classroom management and therefore I try to be as consistent as possible. A safe, secure, non-threatening and respectful environment also ensures that everyone has an opportunity to maximize their learning.  A secure learning environment also means physical safety - walking from center to center, no throwing items and using our words to work out problems. Conflict resolution is encouraged and expected.  We discuss this, I model it and practice it all year.  Parents will become involved if problems persist, a phone call or short conference may be necessary. 


    I expect students to respect themselves and each other, to work together, and help each other in a safe learning environment and to use their time wisely.  When students are working together, it must be at a volume level conducive for all.  

    Behavior Management

    Students have created the class rules, which are posted in the classroom and students are expected to follow them.  I will remind them of their choices such as to focus and work productively or they may have to move.  I also may send an email or ask for a small conference if problems persist. 

    Classroom Responsibilities

    This is our classroom and students are expected to maintain a clean and healthy learning environment.  They clean up after themselves and help each other if the situation arises.  We respect all property: their own, each other’s and the school/teacher’s property. Students volunteer for weekly jobs. Weekly job assignments include: Line Leader, Door Holders, Equipment Manager, Prayer Leader, Light Manager, Paper Passer, Lunch Helpers and other positions, as needed.


    My website will be kept up to date with the newsletter, homework, and other important information.  Emails, notes, and phone calls will also be used, as necessary.  Feel free to send me an email anytime when there is a concern or a question and I will answer in a timely manner.  If necessary, I am happy to meet in person or speak on the phone at a mutually agreeable time.