Period 2/3 Writing 7th Grade

  • Unit Focus: Arguments 

    Essay Topics

    • Complaint Letters
      • Arguments about real-life problems with viable solutions
    • Argument Paragraphs (evidence-based)

     Skills taught in this unit:

    Writing Skills 

    • Finding reliable resources during research
    • Forming notes that are well-organized and purposeful
    • Categorizing notes into main ideas to form body paragraphs
    • Developing a debatable claim (thesis statement)
    • Writing intriguing introduction and conclusion paragraphs
    • Explaining evidence in commentary
    • Forming a counter-argument 
    • Addressing an audience with proper tone and voice

    Grammar Skills

    • Variation of sentence structure
    • Transitional words or phrases 
    • Commas 
      • compound and complex sentences
      • Non-essential information
      • Introductory Words
    • Formatting a formal letter