Period 4/5 Writing 8th Grade

  • Unit Focus: Arguments 

    Essay Topics

    • Argument Paragraph: Should zoos be abolished?
    • Argument Essays Topics (students choose one):
      • Should smoking cigarettes be made illegal?
      • Should P.E. be an optional class for middle and high school students?
      • The driving age should increase to  18 years of age. 
      • Is it necessary to reduce the number of working hours to 25 per week?
      • Stress is most effectively dealt with using humor.
      • Beauty standards of today cause unhealthy attitudes towards the human body.

     Skills taught in this unit:

    • Finding reliable resources during research
    • Forming notes that are well-organized and purposeful
    • Categorizing notes into main ideas to form body paragraphs
    • Developing a one sentence thesis statement
    • Writing intriguing introduction and conclusion paragraphs
    • Revising for concise sentences
    • Revising to include a variety of purposeful sentence structures (simple, compound, complex, compound-complex)
    • Appropriate placement of commas  
    • Quoting correctly with explanations and in-text citations
    • Paraphrasing with explanations and in-text citations 
    • Submitting MLA formatted essays which include a Works Cited page 
    • Forming commentary that argues the writer's claim