Period 7/9 Reading 7th Grade

  • Unit Focus: Arguments

    Essay Formats used this trimester

    • Argument paragraphs
    • Proposal Essay (addressing a real-world problem and proposing a viable solution)

     Skills taught in this unit:

    • Identifying a real-world need/problem
    • Creating a viable solution with steps and funding 
    • Finding reliable resources during research
    • Forming notes that are well-organized and purposeful
    • Categorizing notes into main ideas to form body paragraphs
    • Developing a debatable claim
    • Writing intriguing introduction and conclusion paragraphs
    • Paraphrasing and quoting to support ideas 

    Grammar Skills 

    • Revising for concise sentences
      • decreasing "to be" verbs for conciseness 
    • Revising to include a variety of purposeful sentence structures (simple, compound, complex, and compoud-complex)
    • Appropriate placement of commas 
      • introductory words and phrases
      • nonessential information
      • dependent and independent clauses
      • compound sentences
      • correlative and coordinative adjectives