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    St. Luke Athletic Committee

    The 2018 - 2019 St. Luke Athletic Committee members:
    Chris/Carl Alaimo - 2nd year
    Nelson Ameer - 3rd year
    Alicia Armenta  - 2nd year
    Diana Dalic - 3rd year
    Maria/John Gattone - 2nd year
    Doug Hoey - 2nd year
    Gary Jankovich - 3rd year
    Miguel Keberlein - 1st year
    Joanne/Marty Meehan - 2nd year
    Debbie Sheahan - 2nd year 
    Sara Demes - Athletic Director

    Anna Dooley - outgoing Athletic Director, outgoing Athletic Committee president
    Two open committee positions will need to be filled for the 2018-2019 school year.

    See School Rush app for contact information