St. Luke Dinner Dance & Auction Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Dinner Dance?
In addition to being a great party, the St. Luke Dinner Dance and Auction is St. Luke School’s biggest fundraiser of the year. It’s a great time for St. Luke parents, teachers, alumni, and friends to come together and raise money to help St. Luke School continue to provide a quality Catholic education. Tuition paid only covers 80% of the cost to educate each student and the money raised at the auction helps to fill this tuition gap.
Who is the honoree?
This year we are proud to honor Doug & Kathy Kurtenbach. Mr. & Mrs. Kurtenback have been extremely generous with their time, talent and treasure to St. Luke Parish and School and we truly appreciate them.
What should we wear?
Cocktail attire. Most men wear suits and ladies wear cocktail dresses.
Who coordinates the event?
This year’s Dinner Dance is chaired by Audrea & Doug Fulton, Joanne & Marty Meehan, Shena & Ben Keith, and Katie & Mike Ortiz.
What can we expect at the Dinner Dance?
The night begins with a cocktail reception and a silent auction. Following cocktails, dinner is served and the live auction is conducted. We will also draw the winners for this year’s raffle and play Heads or Tails. After dinner and the live auction, you can continue bidding on silent auction items and dance the night away.
How do you play the “Heads or Tails” game?
Buy a game card for $20 from one of our roving salespeople during the cocktail hour. All contestants begin by standing. When instructed, everyone guesses the outcome of the first coin toss by showing either the heads or tails side of their game card. Contestants continue to guess—and remain in the game or are out, based on the coin toss and their guess. The game continues until there’s only one person left standing—that lucky person wins $500!
Who is this year’s entertainment?
This year we are excited to have Phase 4 perform at the Dinner Dance.
Do I need to buy our tickets ahead of time?
Yes, invitations will be mailed the week of  January 16. If you do not receive an invitation, please contact Sheila Price at or 708-435-8927.
Who do we sit with for dinner?
When you return your response card, indicate that you’d like to sit with specific people, or with other parents of your child’s grade or leave that part blank—and meet new people! We have Grade Ambassadors that welcome the chance to sit with new families or newcomers.
What is the live auction vs. the silent auction?
During the live auction you’ll be bidding against other guests for some fabulous trips and packages. Our professional auctioneer will guide the proceedings and keep the excitement and energy high. In the silent auction we have a variety of fun items and services for every budget. You place your bid electronically using your mobile phone. Be sure to check back often– when the bidding ends, you want to be on top!
What do “St. Luke Treasures” and “Kids' Grand” mean?
St. Luke Treasures and Kids' Grand Tables showcase a number of unique items and opportunities that warrant their own section, whether it’s the first grade journal monkey or journal frog, a reserved pew at the 4:00 pm family Mass on Christmas Eve offered by Fr. John, or out of uniform pass. The Kids' Grand table is made up of priceless treasures created by our magnificent students.
If I go to the Dinner Dance, will I be expected to bid on something?
There are no requirements for guests at the Dinner Dance, other than to have a good time! You certainly don’t need to bid on anything, although we’re sure you’ll be tempted by the wide array of auction items.
Can I review the auction items before the event?
Yes, you can register your cell phone and begin bidding one week prior to the event by emailing Sheila Price at A list of auction items will also be posted on the school’s website. In addition, each school family with reservations to the Dinner Dance can pick up an auction program a few days before the event in the school office.
How do I bid on a live auction item?
The live auction takes place during dinner. Everyone attending the event will have been assigned a bidder number upon check in. When you want to participate in live auction bidding,simply raise your hand to get the attention of a spotter. If you win the item,the spotter will note your bidder number and prize.
How do I bid on a silent auction item?
Once again this year all silent auction bidding will be conducted using cell phone text messaging through a system operated by Gesture Pro.

How Do I Bid? 


It’s Easy! Bring your fully charged cell phone or tablet to the Dinner Dance.


1. Register Your Cell Phone At The Event:

To place bids on auction items or to make a donation, register with a Gesture Pro member in G R AY. Gesture staff members will be present at the event to be your “personal shopper” if you do not prefer to bid via your cell phone/ tablet.


2. Bid via SMARTPHONE:

Click the BLUE link in your welcome text message and it will take you to your personal bidding page. Click on an item you would like to bid on. The Gesture smart system prepopulates with the next minimum bid so all you have to do is push BID. If you’d like to go higher just enter a new amount and push BID. To have the Gesture smart system automatically bid for you to a designed amount, please select AUTO and enter a higher amount. The system will bid for you incrementally up until your designated amount only if someone bids against you.


3. Bid via TEXT:

To see current bid, reply to your welcome text and simply text the 3 digit item number. Example: “102” then press send. Then, text the 3 digit item number and amount you would like to bid. No dollar signs ($) needed. Example: “102 300” then press send. You placed a $300 bid on item number 102.


4. Items Available For Purchase:

Click on the instant tab on your bidding link and enter the number you would like to purchase and click BUY, or you can text BUY and the item number. Example: “Buy 106” and then press send.



Simply click the donate button “$” on your smartphone and enter an amount or text “Give” and amount. Example: “give 100”.


If you need help at the event just find a Gesture Pro member in GRAY!

How do I bid on an auction item if I cannot attend the Dinner Dance?
You, friends and family can bid remotely using your cell phone.To participate, you have to register prior to the event by emailing Sheila Price at
How do I pay for my auction win(s)?
This year we’re again using Greater Giving to make checking out and paying for auction items simple.  When you arrive at the Dinner Dance, the volunteer who checks you in will swipe your MasterCard or Visa. Your credit card information will be stored in a secure Easy-Pay terminal. At the end of the evening you will receive an invoice for your purchases; that invoice will indicate if you’ve chosen Easy-Pay or not. We will double-check your invoice with you—no charges will appear on your card until we have verified that your invoice is correct. 
Will I need to take my auction win(s) home that night?
Yes, it would be ideal to take your items home that night. If that is not possible, delivery is available for a nominal fee.Ask at checkout about delivery arrangements.
How can I help?
There are many ways to help:
  • You can make a donation (100% tax deductible) to help underwrite the cost of the event.
  • Volunteer your time. Contact any of the committee chairs to find out where help is needed.
  • Purchase tickets for the faculty. Faculty members are encouraged to attend. We use donations to help offset the cost for them.
  • Most of all, come to the Dinner Dance and encourage other parents to attend. Invite someone who hasn’t been to the Dinner Dance to sit at your table for dinner. It’s a great evening! We hope to see you at the Dinner Dance!
Thank you for your continued generosity and support of St. Luke School.