Mission Statement

  • St. Luke School is a private school in River Forest, IL founded in 1921 dedicated to providing students with the advantage of a well-rounded Catholic education in grades preschool through 8. We are committed to nurturing the spirit and engaging the intellect of each child. We prepare students with the strong foundation of rigorous academics and a vibrant school community rooted in the shared values of faith, excellence, service, responsibility, and love.

    Our Philosophy

    The following statements are objectives consistent with the Mission Statement of St. Luke School. They express specific ways in which our educational philosophy is made manifest.

    • We strive to build a sense of community within the entire faculty and student body which will reflect the message of Christ.
    • We strive to provide opportunities for students to form a strong Christian value system with an understanding of our Catholic heritage and a desire to spread God's word through evangelization.
    • We strive to present a curriculum that will both impart knowledge and provide productive learning experiences for each student as an individual learner.
    • We strive to provide flexible and diversified learning situations that encourage self-directed learning.
    • We strive to foster a sense of personal responsibility and good citizenship in each student.
    • We strive to develop an inclusiveness that will celebrate and incorporate the diversity within our community.
    • We strive to develop in our students critical and creative thinking skill so that they approach the future committed to becoming life-long learners.
    • Recognizing that parents and guardians are the primary educators of their children, we strive to build a cooperative and supportive atmosphere between home and school.
    • St. Luke Parish School exists to teach as Jesus did. We are committed to developing a strong foundation based upon academic excellence, Catholic faith ministry and evangelization, moral development and social and emotional growth. We endeavor to prepare responsible, life-long learners who will proclaim their Christian witness by contributing to the well-being of society.