• Hello Parents and Students,

    Welcome back!

    I have heard that there are parents who concerned about their children's cell phone usage and the use of other electronic devices. I have a document with various websites that offer tips for parents. Please check in the links and resources section of my website to access this document.

    My belief is all students should be treated with the respect and fairness that the Lord has demonstrated and I expect that they will treat myself and the other students and staff in the same way.  I will always put forth my very best effort and will expect the students to do the same.  I also feel that for students to be willing to grow and sometimes “step out of the box”, it is important for them to understand that they will make mistakes. Mistakes, if explained properly and understood, can be valuable experiences from which they can learn. There is nothing that they can’t do if given the chance.

    All assignments I give in this class will be able to be completed within a given time period in the computer lab. Homework will only be given if absent or if time in class was not used properly.  The one exception is the 8th grade World Religion project. It is expected that students will spend time outside of school working on this project. Students in grades K - 2 will be given grades based on participation in the lessons. Grades 3 - 8 will be given grades for both participation and for completion of projects as assigned based on specific criteria for each project. I has been so exciting to see the creativity each student has within themselves come out in the various projects they complete throughout the year in computer class. Should any questions arise throughout the year, please feel free to email me.


    Mrs. Batherson

The computer lab is a place where we help each other learn and grow.