• The goal of the Spanish department at St. Luke School is to empower students and help them acquire the necessary tools to become more positive and empathetic global thinkers. We know that language is at the heart of the everyday human experience and that children are natural language learners.

    Spanish lessons are designed to engage young learners and hold their interest immediately in order to retain the Spanish skills needed for life. Acquiring a new language helps foster a deeper appreciation for one's place within their global community. Through the use of positive cultural exposure, stories, music and the richness of the Spanish language, St. Luke students will be able to build a deeper and more meaningful appreciation and connection, as they draw cultural similarities and differences by way of an authentic classroom experience.  

    Learners are also encourage to use the Spanish language both within and beyond the classroom to interact and collaborate within their own communities and the globalized world. Multilingual learners are equipped to be socially, culturally and linguistically competent members of a growing multilingual society.