Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

  • In order to maintain a safe and orderly pick-up and drop-off, please adhere to the following rules and procedures. Parking is not allowed on the east or west side of Ashland Avenue in front of the school. Quick drop off and/or pick up is allowed in the Student Loading Zone lane designated by the cones on the east side of Ashland.

    Please respect our neighbors and do not block driveways. Under no circumstances should a driver stop in the road or double-park to load or unload children. It is a state violation to discharge a pedestrian in a roadway.

    Parents are expected to make this policy known to anyone who comes to pick up children. Full cooperation from all families is necessary and expected. If you will be late picking up children, please call the school office and make other arrangements.

    Proper Use of the Student Loading Zone

    According to Village Ordinance, drivers are to stop in the Student Loading Zone only as long as it is necessary to load or unload a student. After this occurs, drivers are to exit the Student Loading Zone to allow others curb space.

    • Drivers needing to stop and wait must do so legally outside the student loading zone.
    • Drivers needing to leave their car must do so in the parking lot.
    • Pull forward as far as possible to prevent traffic back-ups on Lake Street.
    • Use turn signals when pulling into or out of the student loading zone. 
    • If the loading zone is full, continue north on Ashland until you can legally and safely unload your child at the curb.
    • Student loading zone regulations are enforced as posted (i.e. parking in the student loading zone is illegal during posted hours).

    Parking Lot Procedures at Dismissal

    • All cars must face North and park in stadium style.
    • You must never back up while in the parking lot. If you park behind someone, you must wait to proceed forward until that person leaves. 
    • All cars must enter from the South entrance and leave the lot from the North exit.