Why Give?

  • Gifts of financial support and involvement are vital to ensure St. Luke School's ability to fulfill its mission. 

    Like most private schools, St. Luke School cannot operate on tuition alone. Our school follows a century-old financial model used by thousands of America’s best private schools that combines tuition and charitable donations to balance the school’s operating budget.

                                               St. Luke School's Funding Model
                                                      Tuition + Donations = Cost to Educate

    This funding model specifies that 80-90 percent of operating costs be covered by tuition and fees and 10-20 percent be covered by donations. St. Luke has embraced this historically successful model of tuition + donations for two reasons:

    1. It allows St. Luke to maintain a healthy enrollment by keeping tuition as low as possible.
    2. It enables families to receive a charitable tax deduction for a portion of the cost of their child’s education.

    Participation is vital to sustaining all aspects of our school community that makes St. Luke exceptional.

    In order to accomplish this goal, we seek your support in three ways: your gifts of prayer, involvement, and financial support.

    • First and foremost, your Gift of Prayer is powerful and necessary.
    • Second, your Gift of Involvement is vital.
    • Finally, your Gift of Financial Support ensures St. Luke's ability to fully fulfill its mission.

    Giving Options

    • Gifts of Cash/Check/Online Donations
    • Gifts from an IRA Distribution
    • Corporate Matching Gifts
    • Gifts of Marketable Securities
    • Bequests

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Institutional Advancement Department so that our team may assist you. Thank you for making St. Luke one of your philanthropic priorities.


    Sheila Price
    Director of Stewardship and Development
    Parent of '04 & '07
    Office: 708-435-8927