Board of Specified Jurisdiction  

The St. Luke Board of Specified Jurisdiction (BSJ) is made up of members appointed by the pastor with categorical membership as follows:

  • Parents
  • Parishioners    
  • Alumnae and parents of alumnae    
  • Leaders within the neighborhood, business, and professional communities    
  • Educators and educational administrators                  

The BSJ is responsible for:

  • Ministry effectiveness which includes mission, vision, and faith-based core values
  • Participation in Institutional Advancement which includes development, communications, marketing, and enrollment management designed to attract human, financial and physical resources
  • Development of local policies that enhance and strengthen Archdiocesan policies which are enacted by the pastor and administered by the principal
  • Consultation to the principal in the development of a planning document in order to bring to reality the elements of the vision statement
  • Implementation of the Fiscal Management guidelines of the Archdiocese

Standing committees within the BSJ:

  • Executive Committee (Comprised of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary)
  • Marketing & Enrollment
  • Development
  • Finance      
  • Ministry
  • Facilities