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In Gratitude

Dear Parents and Guardians,
The days and weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday have allowed us as a St. Luke community to reflect on the many ways God has blessed us in our lives. Through our Gratitude Writing Project, we were challenged to take a collective pause to 'taste and see' the incredible ways God is present and gracing our lives.  In creatively engaging in this project, we see God blessing us in 10,000 ways and beyond: the care and protection of our families, our supportive and loving friendships, our teachers guiding us each day, our faith and hope, the right to vote, the Cubs victory, and the list goes on and on!  
As you prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with your families, please take some time to hear our voices as we reflect on all of these great gifts.  As you will see, there is a lot of goodness that goes into a gratitude pie!
May you have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.  May God bless you and your families, and may God continue to bless our St. Luke community.
With Abundant Gratitude,
The Children of St. Luke Parish School