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St. Luke 8th Graders Utilize New Tools for the Study of Physics

Our St. Luke 8th graders are busy with the study of physics. At present, our students are taking advantage of our new Vernier Go-Direct Sensor Carts as they study acceleration - the rate at which velocity changes. These new carts have already helped our students learn about force, position, and velocity. Each cart is essentially a very sensitive computer, able to gather well over a thousand samples per second, which allows students to collect and analyze real time data about motion and changes in motion. Built in programming allows students to make predictions and review statistical data about each trial. In our latest set of experiments, students gathered data about the slope of the line on a velocity-time graph to verify that it matched the acceleration data that they had gathered. These new carts will be used for a variety of physics experiments this year as students incorporate math and technology into their study of science. 

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